Our Spring Newsletter is Here!

Dear ITS Community,

This year, International Theological Seminary (ITS) celebrates 40 years of training teachers, community leaders and pastors who are faithful in transforming their local communities into vibrant places of worship, mission and justice. I have been given the opportunity to fill in for President Dr. James Lee while he is on sabbatical. Over the last three months, this opportunity has given me great insight and appreciation into the rigorous work that takes place to uphold ITS and its mission. It is my joy to witness the Lord work through Godly men and women of caliber who contribute at various levels to the running of the school. I have had the privilege of being an integral part of this institution for the past six years during which time I have mostly dealt with the faculty and students as VP Academic Affairs.

In Dr. Lee’s absence, I have come to develop a more holistic picture of the interconnectedness of the ITS governing body and the rest of our community. The Lord has appointed and placed such faithful and committed men and women at all levels, to which I say, “Glory be to His name!”

Priscilla Adoyo, PhD
VP, Academic Affairs