Guest Housing at ITS

International Theological Seminary (ITS) has two residence single houses for students, which occasionally have room vacancies during the course of the year. Using these empty spaces, ITS is able to provide accommodations to short-term seminary guests at a reasonable rate for our area.

Please note this service is one of hospitality – we are not a hotel or hostel and guest housing as a priority is second to the needs of our permanent student residents. To that end, we ask that guests plan to check in before 10 p.m., as our student resident managers handle after-office hours check-ins, and that all requests be made with no less than two weeks between request and check-in date.

Who is Eligible?

Priority consideration for guests requesting guest housing is given to: educators with active engagements at the seminary, prospective students or faculty (at the behest of the admissions office and dean's office), ITS alumni, guests of faculty, administrative staff, and missionaries.


Each single house is outfitted with a few shared baths and a shared kitchen or kitchenette (minimal dishes and cookware provided). Wireless internet access is available. You will find the wireless password in the house upon check-in. Rooms do not have televisions. Linens are provided.


ITS offers competitive rates for our area, with discounts for guests of faculty, administrative staff, and currently ITS students.

Proposed daily rate: $20 per night
Proposed monthly rate: $600 per month

Making a Request

The housing office accepts guest housing reservation requests made online. Please note that we require a minimum of two week’s time between the date your request is submitted and the date you plan to check-in to consider your request.

Guest housing is limited and fills up quickly. Your request will be processed and you will receive a confirmation email with an invoice, instructions for payment and check-in. This process usually takes one week, but can take longer depending on the holidays of the seminary and the current demands within the housing office. The housing office does not process requests on weekends.


Guests with a current ITS account, or guests of faculty, administrative staff, students or residents with a current account will be billed for guest housing.

Guests without a current ITS account, whose reservations are not made through a staff or faculty member are required to provide payment prior to arrival, once confirmation has been received. Payment instructions will be provided. Payment options include Mastercard, Visa, check or money order. Payments may be made in person in the business office, sent by post, paid by phone, or paid online.


If you have any additional questions regarding guest housing, please contact Paul Yang at