ITS Regional Director

ITS Regional Directors are the partners of International Theological Seminary who are committed to promoting the mission of ITS in their community and country. They share the Seminary’s vision of raising pastors, teachers, and leaders for the next generation and will be the ambassadors who help the Seminary carry forth the vision. They will closely work with the Director of Alumni Relations and the Director of Admission.

Job Description 

  1. The Regional Directors mentor and cultivate relationship with current and potential Christian leaders in their community. They identify and recommend prospective students, who may be interested in studying theology, to apply to ITS. For that goal, they may work with an ITS Alumni Association in their country, if there is one. 
  2. The Regional Directors guide perspective students in the process of application to ensure a successful completion of the admission application. They advise them on the visa interview and how to prepare for student life in the US. 
  3. The Regional Directors maintain contact with a local church body and/or theological institutions to help develop partnership with ITS. 
  4. The Regional Directors advise ITS on the direction of the Seminary, so that the Seminary can design its curriculum and other programs to better respond to the needs of the church and local community. 
  5. The Regional Directors share the upcoming events, programs, and ministry resources made available by ITS. 
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