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Traveling abroad during breaks?

Please have your PDSO endorse your form I-20 before you go. Each endorsement costs $15 and  is good for one year.

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Interested in Getting Practical Training(s)?

Please contact Mr. Jay Thompson, the Director of Church Relation and Mentored Ministry, about Curriculum Practical Training (CPT) opportunities. Please also consult your PDSO regarding all practical training policies.

Welcome to International Student Services!

     Studying in the United States could be a blessing mixed with challenges at the same time. Getting your non-immigrant F-1 student visa is the just the beginning. After your have arrived in the US, the most important task is to maintain your F-1 status, which requires discipline as well as a thorough understanding of both US immigration and ITS policies.

     International Student Services (ISS) at ITS understands your struggles. Under the division of Student Services and the supervision of VP in Student Life, the ISS is established to provide guidance and assistance to international applicants with the Admissions Office as well as all the international students at ITS. At ISS, Principal Designated School Official (PDSO) and Designated Student Official (DSO) are your international student advisors who tend to I-20 matters and give advice concerning your studying in the United States. If you have any questions or concerns about becoming or being an F-1 student, please feel free to contact us or look for information provided in the following sections.

Form I-20

Arriving and Leaving

Maintaining a Full-Time Status

Practical Trainings and Employment

Social Security Number and You

Bringing Dependents

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